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How Rancho Chem-Dry Removes Pet Stains and Odors

Aug 2, 2022 | Pet Urine Removal

How Rancho Chem-Dry Removes Pet Stains and Odors

Every animal lover has experienced some sort of indoor bathroom accident from their pet, and no one wants to live with those kinds of messes. Not only can these unsightly and unhygienic messes cause stains on your carpets and furniture, but they can also encourage your dogs or cats to continue going to the bathroom in your house since they can still smell it from before.

If you’re wondering how to remove these kinds of smells, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth Pet Urine Removal Treatment, which we call P.U.R.T.®, for all those pet-lovers near Murrieta. It’s not always as simple as throwing out the cat litter and going back to clean carpets or rugs—and that’s why we’re here with a deep dive on our specialized Pet Urine Removal Treatment. By doing so, you can better understand how our professionals utilize our unique solutions and cutting-edge technologies to eliminate your pet’s stains and smells directly from the source.

A Summary of Our Carpet Cleaning Service Focused on Pets

When you contact Chem-Dry to assist with a pet urine accident in your house, you can trust completely that we won’t handle only the incident at hand. We’ll look for indicators of additional spots that may have gone unnoticed but are still producing poor smells.

We begin by utilizing a special UV light to detect any pet accident in your home. We’ll be able to address all of the areas with unpleasant odors that may be hiding in your living area as a result of this first step.

The next step is to apply our unique P.U.R.T. solution, which targets urine crystals in the carpet’s fibers and causes them to explode away from the surface of the carpeting. Because these uric acid crystals are the source of odors, it’s critical not to leave any behind while cleaning.

This causes those crystals to dissolve completely, ensuring that those vexing smells are permanently removed. In fact, according to a study, our pet urine removal treatment has been shown to help remove unwanted odors from carpets.

What about those stains that were left behind after cleaning up a pet’s bathroom accident? Not to worry!  The Hot Carbonating Extraction method we use removes the majority of persistent stains. However, for those particularly stubborn stains, we also can provide a Specialty Stain Removal Service. Our powerful stain-removal chemicals are effective enough to remove practically every stain while being completely safe around pets. If we can’t get it out, no one can!

Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Service When Accidents Happen

Accidents are inevitable for everyone with a pet. However, for most of us pet-owners, the reward of a loving and loyal companion makes it well worth the risk!

You shouldn’t have to deal with those odors and stains caused by your pet. Instead of trying a solution you got from the store that will only cover up the smell or push the stench deeper into the carpet, call Chem-Dry for a pet urine removal service you can rely on!

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